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Ford Transit Custom Motorhome Layout 3D Design with sliding walls and ceiling.

The project task – create the camper van 3D layout design renderings, based on the provided specification.

Ford Transit Custom camper van 3d layout design with expanding interior space
Camper van exterior renderings
Ford Transit custom 3d layout design bird view, motorhome 3D design layouts
Ford Transit 3D layout “bird view”
Caravan interior 3D design with custom bed, kitchen and sofas
Caravan interior 3D design

Our client requested 3D renderings to demonstrate for potential customers how the interior expanding system works. The whole camper design based on the Ford Transit model.

During the project, our team created a detailed 3D model and 6 renderings:

  • 2 exterior renderings;
  • 2 interior renderings;
  • 2 “bird view” renderings.

Below you can see all of them.

Custom Ford Transit Exterior

Fort Transit Camper 2020 Van 3D Rendering in green body color
Custom Ford Transit Motorhome Exterior 3D Rendering
Ford Transit 2020 Camper van green color exterior 3D rendering
Ford Transit 2020 Custom Camper Van Design with closed walls.

It’s a pretty standard Ford Transit 2020 exterior view. But you can see additional custom seems on the Ford Transit Custom Motorhome. These seem are elements of the body shape that can slide to extend interior space.

Ford Transit 2020 RV green color exterior 3D rendering with extended interior space
The Ford Transit 2020 RV 3D design with extended interior space

In the parking state, both walls, roof, and tail part can slide out. This action allows us to extend an overall interior space. As a result, you have plenty of space over your head and space for the living.

Motorhome 3D Floor Plans

Below are two “bird view” 3D renderings at the motorhome layout.

Ford custom layout 3D design with the bath, kitchen, couch with table, sofa and fridge
Caravan 3D Layout with slide-in elements

All the interior elements placed very close to each other. As a result during the driving, you have access only to the fridge, bath/toilet, two seats with the table, and a couch.

Ford motorhome with expanded interior space
Layout 3D rendering with extended space

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At this position, you have access to all the interior space. For example, you can reach out to the kitchen and create your favorite mill. Use all the shelves and wardrobe, convert seats and table to the bed for two. And even create an additional bed from the sofa.

Summarize, the custom design includes 2 full-size beds and plenty of space for comfortable living.

Comparison of two camper van layouts
Comparison of two camper van layouts

Motorhome Interior 3D Renderings

Custom designed motorhome layout based on the ford transit 2020 model with 2 berth
Custom camper interior 3D design
2 berth motorhome design based on the ford transit 2020 model. Camper van with the kitchen, bathroom, toilet, 2 beds and wardrobe
3D rendering of the expanded motorhome layout
Camper van interior 3d designs
Interior 3D renderings
Custom ford camper exterior designs
3D renderings of the closed and extracted versions

If you build your own Motorhome and want to present design to potential customers, our team will be glad to help with 3D renderings and design. To place an order just press the button below.