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Classroom design ideas for the new school year.

Summer is almost ending and it’s time to get ready for back to school.

In many countries, Healthcare departments provide the same recommendations – 6’ or 2 meters distance between the people.

So how the principals around the globe can prepare class rooms to the new reality?

To answer this question, we created several space designs and 3D class room plan renderings.

One of the obvious solutions – place all the tables in the classroom 6’ apart from each other.

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The average classroom accommodates 20 students and the recommended room size of the elementary school in the US is about 900 sq. ft. Today we have to consider social distance and increase the distance between students. It means reducing the number of classroom seats and students.

Typical classroom design

For example how an average class room looked before pandemic:

Classroom 3d floor plan before pandemic for 20 students
3d floor plan rendering of municipal school classroom for 20 students

And this 3d floor plan shows how the classroom will look like when we implement a 6’ apart social distancing rule:

Municipal school classroom 3d floor plan design
Classroom 3d design accordion to social distancing

It’s obvious that after rearranging all the classrooms seats and reducing the number of students, principals have to find new classrooms for the rest students.

We created several classroom design 3D renderings to show how principles can utilize different spaces in their schools.

Ideas for the classrom places

1. Utilizing gym as a classroom

Since classrooms can’t accommodate all students anymore, we have to find bigger places. The first thing that comes to mind are school gyms and stadiums.

The gym can easily hold 40-50 students and all of them will be 6′ apart.

Teachers can place bag chairs, like this one:

bag chair 3d rendering in the basketball gym, 3d floor plan, 3d floor plans, 3d floorplan
Bag chair

3D floor plan rendering of the gym reorganized to the classroom.

Bag chairs for school students placed 6' apart of each other in the gym
Bag chairs placed 6′ apart in the gym
Desk for school students placed 6' apart of each other in the gym, classroom design from gym
Desks placed 6′ apart in the gym

2. Utilizing outdoor stadium and basketball courts

Staduims difenetely can be a good solution and hold several groups of students.

Fresh air, a lot of open space, ability to use stadium stands. There are just a few advantages of a large spaces like stadiums.

Some schools may not have large stadiums, but may have outdoor basketball courts, that can be used as a classroom.

All proposed solutions will work only if school has spacious rooms, gyms and outdoor playgrounds. But many schools are deprived of such free spaces.

In this case, distance learning will be a good solution. But children also need to communicate with each other, because they have to learn a social skills as well.

The next idea is organizing classrooms for the distance education.

3. Small classroom design on the backyard

For these who has a backyard, can organize a small classes for 5-6 students. It can be a small group with the teacher or computer for the distance learning.

Backyard 3d floor plans with outdoor chairs placed 6' apart for a small classroom
Backyard classroom 3D floor plan

Of course each spot should be 6′ apart.

6' apart rule for the classroom on the backyard
6′ apart rule for the backyard classroom

4. City parks

Each city has at least a few parks and green squares. And it’s a good place to organize a classroom. Obvious advantage of the park is a big space.

But all these places are public and classes can be interfered with by extraneous sounds.

5. Classroom design in the living rooms

Home living room is another variant for a small groups of students.

It’s pretty easy to reorganize room into the classroom by placing chairs or desks. It’s will be a great variant for the distant education and groups of 4-6 students.

Here is a 3D floor plan rendering of the apartment where living room was transformed to study.

Living room conversion to the classroom and work space, 3d floor plan design, apartment space planning
Classroom – work space in the living room

Despite the fact that the pandemic dictates new rules, principals and teachers still can find a way how to educate their students. And we believe that architects and interior designers can help solve the class overflow problem.

If you have any thoughts about our 3D floor plan designs of the classrooms please share them in the comments!

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