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Laboratory 3D Floor Plan has an impact on operations, security, efficiency, and helps to layout an evacuation plan in the event of a fire.

When designing an industrial facility, 3D floor plans play an essential role in defining how everything will look when the construction is completed.

It also helps to find potential errors. It is, by far, one of the most important steps since industries often require the installation of specific equipment and machines.

Creating a well-thought laboratory space is essential for ensuring a productive and flexible environment that enables staff to do their best work.

So, by seeing everything in 3D, it can determine if space and layout will be adequate.

Eco Laboratory 3D Floor Plan

3D Floor plan: scroll down/up ↕️ to see a whole image.

Closeup renderings

Laboratory equipment, lab 3d design
Laboratory room with equipment

Greenhouse Plant 3D Floor Plan Renderings

3D Floor plan version #1: scroll down/up ↕️ to see a whole image.

Closeups renderings

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Greenhouse entrance
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Greenhouse air ventilation system
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Greenhouse ventilation system
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Greenhouse flower beds
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Greenhouse walkway
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Greenhouse planning